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More Than A Synth!

The Centre - hardware wavetable synthesiser in Eurorack modular format aiming on bring experience of Serum VST to the touchable experience - knobs, jacks and nice modular format. We will be soon bringing The Centre to the Kickstarter to achieve goal of developing better instrument.



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The Centre Modular Synth


Affordable Eurorack Modular for newbies, geeks and freaks

More Than a Synth!

The Centre is a Eurorack Module inspired by Wavetable VSTs used to create EDM, Trance, Dubstep, etc. music.

I love my modular synth. I love the ambience it generates. One day I wanted to add some gritty sounds and add dubstep and hard trance vibe to my ambient music. What I was missing was wavetables. Of course when you think wavetables it always brings Serum or Dune 2 as ultimate plugins but it is just so inconvenient to send sound from PC over all complicated interfaces to the modular synthesiser. So "The Centre" was born. What started as prototype wavetable oscillator over time has transformed itself into fully fledged synth with LFOs, LFO shapes, envelopes, voltage controlled amps, digital) filters and effects.

The Centre became modular itself. Multi modules in one It can run multiple oscillators and those can be controlled them with external voltages or you can just add internal LFOs, filters and you can control all by internal voltage paths as well as external.
The Centre became synth on its own.

Furthermore over The Centre development I found out that it will be great to be able to imports from thousands presets made for Serum and make them sound similar. The Centre does not try to clone the excellence of VST. It does not try to mimic Serum either. Serum is a class on its own and it is a masterpiece. The Centre still has limited power. It still needs to rely on many external modules (reverbs, delays) but that what modular is about isn't it?
Over development of The Centre I found out that it can became a multi tool and bring more fun to modular.

The Centre will be going for kickstarter project in a few weeks.

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  • Internal 48kHz @ 32bit processing (floating point)

  • Supports Serum and Dune 2 format Wavetables

  • Supports 8, 16 and 32bit (including floating point type) WAV files

  • Width 28HP

  • Power consumption: +12V 200mA, -12V 30mA

  • Support for FAT filesystem SDCARD

Inputs and outputs:

  • DAC: 4 channels @ 16bit 48kHz - 4 outputs

  • 4 V/OCT inputs covering 8 octaves

  • 4 Gate / Clock inputs (configurable threshold)

  • 8 CV inputs (-5V to 5V)

  • 8 Level knobs and 8 Attenuator knobs - any function can be assigned, Level and Attenuator are only names

  • Unlimited internal CV patches between internal modules

The Centre currently supports following modules (most of them can work together at the same time and can be internally patched):

  • Wavetable Oscillator with Unison/Detune/Modulations - and you can run multiple instances at once. 

  • Polyphony for Wavetable (multiple voice of polyphony)

  • LFOs, VCOs - standard modular digital versions

  • Shapes - shapes for LFO or envelope. It can import Serum format shapes.

  • Filters (Bi-Quad and Ladder)

  • Drum Racks - MIDI powered drum sets playing sampled drums

  • Clocks, MIDI clocks, gate dividers

  • Some physical modelling

  • Ring modulations

  • Wave folding

  • and many many more present or to be developed

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