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I love my modular synth. I love the ambience it generates. The Centre is a Eurorack Module that brings wavetable experience into modular world.

One day I wanted to add some gritty sounds and add dubstep and hard trance vibe to my ambient music. What I was missing was wavetables. Of course when you think wavetables it always brings software ultimate plugins however it is just so inconvenient to send sound from PC overall complicated interfaces to the modular synthesiser.

"The Centre" was born. What started as prototype wavetable oscillator over time has transformed itself into fully fledged synth with LFOs, LFO shapes, envelopes, voltage controlled amps, digital) filters and effects.


The Centre became modular itself. Multi modules in one It can run multiple oscillators and those can be controlled them with external voltages or you can just add internal LFOs, filters and you can control all by internal voltage paths as well as external. The Centre became synth on its own.


Over development of The Centre I found out that it can become a multi-tool and bring more fun to modular.

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