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The Centre - Great News on Hardware Front!


Thank you all for your great support for this project. I would like to share two positive news for the project.

Hardware Update

First of all the final revision of hardware (v4) has been throughly tested and there is not a single problem and it is good to go for manufacturing. I am still thinking about adding some extra bits here and there but that would be just gimmicks and extensions that would not have any impact on product functionality. It is something worth considering but not a must to do.

The Centre PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) - Version 4 - All good and happy!

Even though you never see the back of Eurorack Module - I hope this Hong Kong panorama at the back will bring smile on your face!

Components Sourcing Update

Second, even more important news from project perspective is that all components have been secured. For sure everyone heard of component shortage in the market and that many manufacturers either limit their production or stop production completely. This affects synthesiser makers as well as washing machine or car manufacturers.

However The Centre components have been secured and the delivery of hardware into hands of backers wont be threatened by the current market situation. This was possible thanks to my years of experience in the consumer electronics market but also a proximity to the global supply chains and good relationships.

Silicon Heart of The Centre!

We are moving full steam ahead!

Since the most critical hardware items are off my plate I can now shift my focus to work on software features!

Thanks for your generous support to the project!

ENJOY and Have a Great Day!


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