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MIDI Cable 5pin DIN to 3.5mm STRAIGHT - 3ft - 90cm


Price and taxes:

The purchase price does NOT include VAT. The product is shipped from Hong Kong and the taxes and VAT to be charged by customs during customs clearance in the country of arrival.

Please contact: (or chat in Discord channel) to discuss details.


What's In The Box:

MIDI Cable with STRAIGHT 3.5mm Connector


Product Details:

This is MIDI cable to connect MIDI devices to The Centre via Taipo or Tamar MIDi interfaces. This MIDi cable carries 5pin standard MIDI DIN connector on one side and Straight 3.5mm Mini Jack Connector on the other side.

MIDI Cable 5pin DIN to 3.5mm STRAIGHT - 3ft - 90cm

  • MIDI Cable

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