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Taipo - MIDI Interface for The Centre - Eurorack Module - BLACK Colour


Price and taxes:

The purchase price does NOT include VAT. The product is shipped from Hong Kong and the taxes and VAT to be charged by customs during customs clearance in the country of arrival.

Please contact: (or chat in Discord channel) to discuss details.


What's In The Box:

Taipo comes with MIDI extension cable to connect to The Centre and 10P-16P Eurorack power flat cable.


Module Details:

Taipo enables The Centre to communicate with MIDI devices. Taipo carries MIDI in and out signals to be sent to The Centre. It is simple version that allows matching voltages for MIDI devices and operate The Centre safely at proper voltage levels.

Taipo - MIDI Interface for The Centre - Eurorack Module - BLACK

$39.00 Regular Price
$34.00Sale Price
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  • Taipo comes as companion Eurorack module with Eurorack flat power cable and MIDI-EX cable to connect to The Centre.

    Power Adapter is not supplied with this module and require user to have Eurorack standard power supply to power up the module.

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