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Colours, colours, colours...

So I have been trying to play with colours.... and I am still fan of the green one. Your feedback is welcome. I will try to design something in black over the weekend.

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I’d certainly hoped to see more input and I am sure you would too. Surely there is more that one person interested in The Center. Have you pushed the Kickstarter Pre-Campaign notice out to the Eurorack user groups on Facebook to stir up interest?


I’d definitely stick to the newest version. The V1 definitely screams of Grunge, 😂


Well, Dudie ... like other manufacturers that maintain a color scheme across the entire line of modules they produce ... sort of a visual trademark ... I would stick to the green silkscreening..

Personally, like many others out there, I prefer flat black panel background to silver/aluminum or other colors. Maybe that could be a stretch goal?

Apr 17, 2021
Replying to

Well.... here it is.... version 1 (now it's v4). I dug it out from somewhere :)

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