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The Centre is going for Kickstarter

The Centre (More than a Synth!) - Wavetable Oscillator is heading for Kickstarter.

Enjoy video!

More to come!

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6 commenti

You might want to consider sending a prototype to Loopop (@loopopmusic). His YouTube reviews are the best around and it would be a good way of attracting attention and pledges on Kickstarter.

Mi piace
Risposta a

I agree with you. Extra nudges from others though, never hurt. 😁

Mi piace

Any idea when “The Centre” is going to hit the Kickstarter campaign trail?🤔

Mi piace

This looks like it is going to be a nice addition to the Eurorack sound source world given what was demonstrated through Reddit. Can‘t wait to see the Kickstarter project kickoff.

Mi piace
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