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You need to start somewhere...

I have been designing and making my synthesisers for several years. In recent times I moved from standalone synths into modular synthesis and I have managed to build a quite nice setup for myself. Playing with soundscapes and sounds it made me realise that there are many people out there who would like to try modular synthesis on their own but they do no have a chance to put hands on one and buying one sometimes is not a viable option because of affordability. Furthermore... it is really hard to decide with which modules to start...

So watching my kids playing with my modular Eurorack (a little bit later about it later) I have decided to bring more modular to the beginners who would like to learn and to passionates and professionals who do not mind adding extra modules to their collection.

So the whole idea came to create basic modules that will be very affordable for beginner but also will help them understand what subtractive synthesis is about and how they can learn and understand modular.

For those who are not familiar, Eurorack is a standard in modular systems that defines sizes, mounting holes, voltage supply and somehow loosely but still defines control and audio signals that travel through the whole system. More about it in another post.

So my aim for this place is to build some modules and provide them at very affordable prices. My aim is not to make money as I do have great day job but to share something I am good at which is building products and to allow wider audiences try the beauty of modular synthesis.

My collection consists of huge range of modules but I want to start sharing with something basic, therefore I will put into prototyping simple building blocks, I will redesign them to fit into certain vision of a product and I will keep posting everyone updated on how the progress goes.

Happy New 2020 Year!!!! This is new beginning for me and I hope it will be going pretty cool!

PS. Some mess during development of modules...

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